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Analytical Reading and Writing (Grades 6th - 9th) Math Word Problem Scenarios (Grades 4th


Mind of a Child, LLC. is a Weekend Reading, Writing, Math and College Test Prep Enhancement Program designed to provide your youngster with an equitable experience in learning.

In today’s technological world, children are more exposed to information than ever before.  As they try to make sense of the world, they need to be equipped with literacy and numeracy skills that will allow them to compete in our diverse, fast-paced global society.  

Children benefit from being able to sift through and think critically about the information they are presented with.  At Mind of a Child, we strongly believe that children are at a disadvantage when we ask them to merely memorize facts and equations.  

Our program is designed to shift away from didactic methods and, instead, utilizes facilitative teaching that is student centered and dependent on each individual child’s strengths and weaknesses 

Our teachers provide expert instruction, monitor individualized milestones, and deliver constant guidance. This, in turn, fosters a safe space that allows them to take the academic risks necessary to grow as readers, orators, writers, and mathematicians. The skills they will learn at MOAC will allow them to participate and excel in our global society in the 2nd Century.




Miss Manderson. I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but I’m Aliana, I was in your 8th grade English class at civic. I’m graduating tomorrow and I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done. You taught me how to be confident in my thoughts and actions, to look deeper into every situation, and to mean everything I say and make sure it comes from my heart. At that vulnerable point in my life, I am thankful that you were there to guide me into a path of unconditional self-love. Thank you so much!”

Aliana Vicens, former student


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