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Never too Early to College Test Prep

Before you purchase pricey college test prep, let’s make sure your children's foundations are there. Our course, “Never too Early to College Test Prep'' is focused on supporting students with an equitable opportunity to be exposed to College entrance exams before the 11th grade. Our classes are not geared toward building a student's score. We believe in exposing and securing students' foundational skills in Evidence Base Reading and Writing. These are the skills they will need in order to achieve higher-end scores on the entrance exams.

This program is an eight-month program, with the option of monthly participation.  The class is taught with a ratio of 8:1.

Course Outline:

In our Evidence-Based Reading, the student will be reexamining and building on the foundation of each part of the reading sections. The big picture/main idea, little picture/detail, inference, vocabulary in context, function, author technique, evidence support, and data interpretation. These foundations are essential for any student to build a strong foundation in testing.  

In on Evidence-Based Writing, the student will be ​and Language questions, we will be teaching students to edit and revise words, sentences, and paragraphs. Replace a word, fix a mistake in grammar or punctuation, rearrange sentences, or even add or delete details to improve organization and clarity. 


Why prep a student from as early as 7th grade?

Early exposure to the SAT/ACT will ease anxiety that so many students go through not feeling well prepared to take the exam. 

Why did the Mind of Child Enrichment Program decide to create a course for younger students? 

We wanted to give students an equitable opportunity to be exposed to College Prep before the 11th grade as some of their peers in student programs or students who have more of an advantage through personal tutoring.


What is the cost for the class?

The class is $200 per month and 2 hours per class.  We tried to make our program as affordable as possible to students who cannot afford to be exposed to early test prepping

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