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Dear Parents

We are looking forward to supporting your children in reading, writing and math. Each session your child will leave our space with the knowledge that will help them develop a better understanding of how to analyze words in instructions, close reading, words in context, and write and articulate evidence to support their thought process. 



We want children to lift vocabulary words and literary lessons from the pages of their books and implement them in their daily lives.  We want them to recognize that math is all around them and that they are likely to have competently navigated mathematical experiences without even knowing it.   We want their confidence in math to be built on this realization and will act as the facilitators of their growth in math.   

Our class "Never too Early to College Prep" students will be exposed to Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Language for grades 7th through 10th. This course is not to build their SAT/ACT scores, but to build on the foundation in reading, writing, and grammar to prepare them to take the test in 12th grade with less anxiety because of preexposure.

Our Vision for your children

  • Enhance their confidence with reading and writing.

  • Ability to support their evidence in writing and speaking.

  • Optimize students' voices with a higher level of communication skills.

  • Solving word problems in an effective and timely manner without any impediments.

  • Provide tools that allow them to score higher in class and standardized testing.

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