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The Wonderful World of Words

Our class, “The Wonderful World of Words”, will take students on a journey through literacy that is both engaging and academically enriching.  The goal of this class is to support students in improving their ability to read and comprehend texts in a way that fosters a love of literature.

The class will expose children to high-interest, culturally relevant texts and will teach a myriad of strategies to support them in comprehending texts.  Children will be provided with concrete strategies to support them in becoming proficient and confident readers, writers and speakers

Some of the components of the program are:

  • Vocabulary development through close reading activities of multiple genres and discussion of their unique text features.

  • Identifying and utilizing Latin & Greek roots, affixes, and parts of speech to determine word meaning

  • Exposure to and practice using higher academic vocabulary words and determining how they are used in context.

  • Development of the critical thinking and articulation skills necessary to meaningfully respond to texts that are read. 

  • Developing students’ ability to cite and support their ideas through evidence from the text.

  • Exposure to verbal reasoning 

  • No busy work, targeted work for children to practice.


Let's start our journey into “The Wonderful World of Words”.

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