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Analytical Reading and Writing

Grades (6 - 9)

The purpose of this course is to support students in improving their critical and analytical reading and writing.  As critical thinkers and writers, students will learn how to make judgments and interpretations of the ideas, arguments, and claims of others presented in the texts they read.


One of our many goals is for students to comprehend the feedback they received from their teacher such as:

  • Your essay is too descriptive and needs to demonstrate more analysis

  • You have not captured the Author’s craft or technique

  • You have not illustrated the connections between ideas or evidence


Having a strong command of analytical reading and writing skills will foster students' advancement in core academic subjects, which prepares them for high school and college entrance exams.


The course outline:

  • Teaching and reviewing how to use the close reading strategy to understand a text more deeply by rereading, annotation,  and analyzing details and patterns

  • Read and Analyze the main idea. (topic sentence and thesis)

  • Connect the details to the main idea

  • Increase your vocabulary by conceptualizing the word in context

  • Understand the Author’s technique

  • Citing Textual evidence to prove your topic sentence and/or thesis.

  • Explain in your own words how your evidence supports your topic sentence, or ideas found in your evidence to make  specific connections.

  • Formulate well-structured paragraphs and Concluding/Transition Sentences.

  • Understand how to implement revisions of your work.


The class is an eight-month program , with the option of sessions for Fall, Winter and Spring.  Our class is  taught with a ratio of 8:1.

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